Malcana Automation

Malcana is the name of a road in the Italian countryside. It is not a special road except for those who live beside it, many other will appear very similar. On the side there are some houses and a few commercial buildings recently constructed, many other houses have more story, they come from the sixties and few even earlier, but they have been maintained and are still in good condition.

A small river is crossing, it collects the rain water from the fields. They are all coltivated, some crops and some specialized vegetable coltivation. They come in contact with the road or they hide themselves just behind the first line of houses.

Some small but important factories are also there, they complete the equilibrium of this road. In a short distance there is a bit of everything. In its quite normality reside an idea of economy.

Alessandro Carrer
Founder & Director

We want to bring our experience in automation also to the small and medium companies. We believe in the cooperation between customer and supplier of services for researching the best solutions for the convenience of both. We can be system integrators for constructor of machines. We can support providers of electrical services with automation competence.

Automation is not a goal, but a part of the solution for doing something. From the small application to the automated factory it can be used to improve our performance, our safety, our quality.


Meet Our Team

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Alessandro Carrer

We’re always looking for talented Engineers and anyone has a
passion for the Automation join our team.