Island welding series

The “Muletto” welding robot is made of sheet metal and electro-welded steel sections, machined to the machine tool and subjected to rigorous standardization treatments, so as to guarantee high precision, combined with excellent rigidity and resistance to mechanical stresses. The light alloy welding pincer enhances the handling and welding dynamic performance.


Turning table piece holder
The machine can be equipped, as an option, with different models of table-door with the dual function of collaborating in the access to the machining points, and at the same time with the reduction of processing times allowing the execution of the load-unloading operations in parallel with the productive activity of the machine.
Single rotary tables are available, with a 180 degree rotation step; composite boards, with a rotation step of 120 degrees.

Adjustment of the welding cycle
It is entrusted to a sophisticated electronic apparatus: “JTEC” automatic control, with microprocessor which provides for the synchronization, synchronized with the network frequency, of the various phases of the cycle (joining, welding, repetition of impulse, cold time and maintenance), and to the regulation of the welding current by 2 SCR diodes.
It is possible to prepare a wide range of welding cycles with different parameters, within which every single work point can be specified.

Axis movement
The robot is equipped with 2 Cartesian axes corresponding to X and Y and a rotation of the electrode holder head (optional). The movements are carried out by ball recycling shoes, along precision guides in cemented steel.

Welding forceps
In light alloy it has been specifically sized to withstand the mechanical stresses of the welding punch, and by means of a support trolley, it is moved along the entire working area. Inside it houses the single-phase welding transformer, which concurs with the secondary circuit to generate the welding current flow.
It offers the possibility of housing the three-phase or medium-frequency transformer as an option to carry out particular types of welding.

Control unit
Structure and multiprocessors, expandable up to 32 axes, with various possibilities
management of the trajectories: point to point, linear interpolation, all with the possibility of fly-mode on intermediate points of the route.
Manual movements according to the robot axes, absolute coordinates or
coordinates referred to the tool center (TCP).
Programming in the field for self-learning, that is through a remote keyboard, on a machine screen or through another personal computer
through the network.
Storage of online programs via static and off-line memory on magnetic disks using a built-in disk drive + Hard disk.
The system provides, among other things, the possibility of integration with other automatic machines, within flexible processing lines

Technical Features

Technical Features