The “EMECAR” Portable spot-welding unit is the result of several years of experience in the field of low-power resistance welding machines.It is highly compact and offers the optimum mobility making this unit of extreme interest to all sheet-metalworking industries using resistance welding technique.This unit is an Integrated system mounted on pivoting wheel’s and holding the transformer and control panel on the top and close-circuit water-cooling system at the bottom.The welding gun is connectedto the transformer by a very flexible single secondary cable for passing the welding the current , this allows the gun to be used in difficult work positions.A wide range of arm, electrode-holders, adaptors and electrodes make the whole system very flexible and suitable for many welding conditions.The unit is completely self-contained and only requiers connected to the electric mains and a compressed air out-let.There is a close loop water cooling system for the welding gun, the welding cable and of the transformer this is connected to the air-water heat exchanger integrated in the carriage itself.


The EMECAR mobile welding station represents the result obtained from years of experience in the field of small-strength resistance welding machines.

The extreme compactness and mobility form an extremely interesting combination for all the industries and transformation workshops that use the resistance welding technique. It consists of a mobile trolley on piloting wheels that supports the transformer and the control electronics in the upper part and the water cooling unit in the lower part. The welding clamp is connected to the transformer by means of a very flexible cooled single-wire receptacle which facilitates its use in an uncomfortable working position.

A wide range of electrode and electrode arms make the assembly very flexible and suitable for all welding situations.
The connection to the power line with a simple distribution panel and connection to the compressed air network are sufficient to make the workstation completely independent. The cooling of the welding clamp, the power cable and the transformer unit are made with a closed loop system combined with an air-water heat exchanger integrated in the trolley.

Welding tongs
Welding tongs

Scissor welding forceps made of cast aluminum alloy with lever mechanism that allows considerable electrodes to be developed even with long arms.
The arms and electrodes are easily interchangeable to configure them to different welding conditions.
The low weight and ergonomic grip allow extreme mobility in all conditions.

Welding ControlWelding control Panel
Welding Control
“FACILE” welding control is of the microprocessor synchronous type with 5-cycle controlled diodes, it offers as standard the dual program and pulses.

Arms for Portable Spot-Welder
Arms for Portable Spot-Welder

Technical features

Technical Features of Portable spot welder unit