Series roller spot welders

The roller spot welders are made of electro-welded steel sheets and profiles, finished with the machine tool, subjected to rigorous standardization treatments, so as to guarantee high precision, combined with excellent rigidity and resistance to stress.

Roller bearing heads with rolling bearings, silver sliding contacts suitably machined to machine tools to ensure adequate electrical contact for the welding current, cooled by circulation of the cooling liquid.

The movement of this head is served by a three-phase asynchronous motor driven by an inverter to fine-tune the speed and the welding motion.
Vacuum-sealed water-cooled welding transformer
to ensure excellent continuity of spot-welding.
Digital welding control type Micro8 Rollers.



    • Pointing of tanks and similar.


    • Consisting of a pair of rollers for continuous spot welding with various movement series to facilitate dragging.

Employments in the spot welding of tinsmith fittings. To facilitate the welding of 90 ° fittings. The lower driving roller is inclined.

Particularly suitable for piping. The lower roll of small dimensions gives the possibility to bet on pipes and tanks of small diameters.

 The SDPR T-50 series roller spot welder
The SDPR T-50 series roller spot welder can be used for welding stainless steel air ducts with thickness from 6/10 – 8/10

Check of welds
Welding control mod. Micro8 Rollers, 5-speed synchronous microprocessor. It provides for the timing, synchronous with the network frequency, of the various phases of the cycle (joining, welding, cold time and maintenance), and the regulation of the welding current by means of partialization with the choice of spot welding either continuously or impulsively. It offers a double program as standard.
Multiturn potentiometer for the regulation of the rotation speed of the rollers with the possibility of inversion of gear.

Technical Features
Technical Features