These modular double-spot welding units are particularly suitable in welding sheet components that are accessible from only one side.They are pneumatically operated and fully water-cooled by one circuit passing through SCR, transformer and electrodes.The structure is in welded steel, treated and machined.The electronic control regulating all of weld parameters is fixed on the structure.The units are designed with the weld cylinders for electrode movements in the front, and the weld transformer at the rear.A positioning system located in the upper part allows the rotation of the unit.The combination of the rotation of these units with their transversal movement allows the electrodes to cover a wide work area, particularly suitable both for use as single units or for using several ones on special fixtures or special purpose machines.


Double-point modular resistance welding units, particularly suitable for sheet metal welding on one side only. Pneumatically and fully cooled by a single circuit for: SCR, transformer, electrode holder and electrodes.

Constructed with an electro-welded steel structure and machined to the machine tool in which the electronic control is installed internally for the regulation of the welding parameters. The pneumatic movement cylinders at the front and the welding transformer at the back.

A particular system mounted in the upper part of the unit allows its rotation and its positioning. The combination of the possibility of rotation with the transverse displacement of the welding cylinders allows the electrodes to cover a large area, making it particularly suitable for use
single that on special equipment.

PM30 Series

The simplicity of connecting compressed air and cooling water to power lines allows the user to realize cost-effective multiple spot-welding systems and technically rational integrations in complex systems.

The PUSH-PULL system is implemented by connecting
a secondary unit without an electronic part to a primary unit.
This system allows welding to be achieved
on shims or configurations of non-weldable pieces with the standard unit.

Welding control
Synchronous digital electronic welding control for the regulation of welding parameters
• Approach time.
• Welding time.
• Forging time.
• Power reduction.
• Possibility of exclusion of the unit.
• Non-welding welding selection to run test cycles.
• Thermal protection of limit temperatures.
• Connection connectors for start in command
entry and interview with other spot units.
A particular function of the control gives the possibility to carry out cycles in electric cascade or in pneumatic cascade according to the type of welding to be carried out.

Technical features
Technical features